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Getting Uncomfortable

Posted 16th November 2012

Here's a not uncommon issue ... A headteacher, dealing with experienced, qualified professional members of his teaching staff.  His natural leadership style is to nurture and support, and to inspire his team to greater achievement, taking the professionalism and skills of his staff as a given. ...

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Great to be back....

Posted 15th November 2012

After a year of enforced purdah (a long story  of franchise agreements signed without a great deal of forethought ... Email me if you want the gory details) it is great to be back with a public profile once more. And great - it has to be said - to be back speaking to business and other leaders abo...

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Is it Time for Better Business ?

Posted 3rd October 2011

A wise man once said, if you lose all your money, with a fair wind and the right attitude and application you can get it back.  But once your time has gone, it’s gone for good. Our time is the only real scarce resource, and to many of us in business it is the most precious asset we have – time...

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Have you measured your 'Share of Voice' ?

Posted 3rd October 2011

There was an interesting passage in a conversation I was having with a client recently.  Not untypically, he was agitated about the lack of engagement, the lack of ownership and the lack of initiative shown by certain members of his team.  I asked him to give me an example, which he then went on t...

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