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With the marketplace for independent schools becoming ever more competitive, the need for getting the very best out of the resources you have becomes ever more pressing.  And while capital investment in new facilities and new services is one way to pull ahead of the crowd, there are inevitable limitations to this strategy.

Getting the very best out of your staff, on the other hand, may just be an untapped well for your school.  Imagine what it would be like to have the whole staff body consistently pulling in the same direction, helping raise standards not only in the classroom, but across your whole business…

Your challenge may be…

  • You are unhappy with inconsistencies of approach across your school
  • You need staff members to be contributing at a higher level.
  • You struggle to identify talent and develop succession right across the school.
  • You know that your senior management team could be more organised and efficient, and get more done
  • You wish that all staff appreciated what is strategically and commercially important, as well as academically important.
  • You want to delegate more, but the wider staff body is not sufficiently engaged
  • You recognise political and communication barriers within the school, but lack the time and strategies to break them down

What to do about it… 

  • Get clear on your vision and your strategy.
  • Involve your senior management to define and deploy short-term operational goals
  • Improve peer-to-peer communication, and engineer cross-departmental initiatives
  • Trust your Senior Management and Departmental heads to become better leaders and better managers

How we can help… 

  • Aligning and engaging the full senior management team behind the Vision and Strategy
  • Developing communication and interpersonal skills among management teams
  • Improving personal efficiency, organisation and time management among management teams
  • Behavioural and Motivational profiling to improve engagement, incentive and reward.

Leadership for Education

“The management tools provided have given confidence and allowed the participants to develop their own styles within an understood framework”

Gareth Collier
Taunton School International

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“I have learnt a great deal and without doubt, my performance at school has been enhanced through working with Graeme”

Adrian Hallworth
Taunton School International

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